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F.one Kiteboarding:



» Emerging a new Journey, a year of Changes » :

· So new season, new sponsors, are you stoked about it?

I would call it that I am emerging a new journey, good times are coming for the next years and I must  say I am more than exited!

· How did your switch to F-one / Manera come about? 

Along any elite sport career, an athlete suffer changes. «When a train comes,  you never know if that is yours or not, but you know there is just one way to find it out «.

I love extreme sports, i like the venture.  So I define myself as a risky human, who  prefers to fail trying something than living at a comfort status forever asking everyday:  What could have happened if…?   At the beginning of the year, i jumped into this train that will make my dreams reality.


Here are my equipment choices in the amazing F.ONE range:


For this 9th edition of the Bandit, we have worked essentially on the two following axes: profile refinement and the swing of the kite to improve the depower.


Uncompromised wakestyle board
Unique shape developed for bindings
Explosive pop
Perfect speed control
Ultra-soft landing
Ideal swift control
Forgiving with superior durability


The new MONOLITH bar benefits from a new anodizing process that reinforces the external structure of the bar and blocks all corrosion.
For increased safety and comfort, the bar ends are molded with a soft material. The anti-sliding thermoformed grip has also a double EVA layer on top of the bar.


Manera Watermen:




These is the equipment I use from the manera range:


Manera’s commitment to your wetsuit’s premium comfort and warmth is the result of a strong involvement into 3D wetsuit engineering, using innovative and exclusive tools that make 3D virtual prototyping possible and reliable.


When we launched the EXO harness two years ago, our close collaboration with a
human Kinetics science laboratory gave us a new approach of this product and resulted in a technological breakthrough compared to what existed on the market.
For 2016 we have continued to work on the same technologies to bring them to an even higher level. Changes were made in both the structure and the materials, improving both comfort & durability on the EXO.


– Heather grey 600D
– Black mate Tarpaulin
– Air vent system
– PVC protections

– 3 TTs
– 5 kites
– Harness, bars, lines, wetsuits…


Hydroponic Skateboarding & clothing:



Since i was born, I chose my town as the best place to skate. Cruising, heading down hill around the mountain roads with my longboards or  carving the bowls that Tonny Hawk decided to skate once.

Three years ago, I decided to bet for a local brand that was born at the same streets I come from and I am now glad to help them with their expansion around the globe being an ambassador of the brand.