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The mediterranean has been furious


31 Ene The mediterranean has been furious

One of the hardest wave,wind,rain and snow storms at home

I haven’t seen home beeing so aggressive in ages…

This last January, Catalunya has suffered one of the heaviest storms I remember since I’ve been able to experience it from inside water.  It has actually  been the strongest one registered since 2003.



«Pont del petroli in Badalona»


Everything started in a normal sunny morning when a friend sent me a good swell forecast that was going to hit that same day. I called him quickly and we went straight to the beach for one meter glassy surf session. It was first time since months i had a good surf session at home and I really enjoyed it.

We were surfing for a couple of days and we could appreciate the weather was getting worse and worse slowly.  Clouds, cold temperatures, and  light winds started to hit the Catalan shores the 20th of this new Beautiful year.


One day, I was checking the forecast as always and suddenly, I saw there was a huge waves forecast saying tips of 4m swell would kick in our shores with strong side off winds accompanied  with some rain and cold temperatures as well. It was interesting and looked promising, so my friends and I were eager to ride it as soon as possible.


IMG_2998         IMG_2999


The day Came, more violent that what we expected actually. My Kitesurfing equipment was packed up and ready, and my dad’s van fully charged with surfboards too. I Woke up at 7, expecting to be in the water at the first light so the wind was supposed to be lighter and that would make the waves bit more glassy.

However, the wind was ON,  and we traveled the shores hallucinating with the sea circus along the beach road. It was not rideable with kitesurfing so the wind was too stormy, gusty and  off/side off-shore all the time. So as we needed to feel the energy of that angry Mediterranean sea  we jumped into the water next to a bulwark to score such an intense and complicated surf session. The swell was too messy, not clear at all and there was quite a lot of current too. I could surf only three or four rights (i must say those were a pretty good and massive ones…) so was quite hard to paddle them.




We finished dead, so fighting with that current made our muscle so sore the day after. I did wanted to ride those water mountains with my board and flying over with my kite but unluckily, it was not suitable at all.

We decided to rest the day after so the stormy weather was going to stop soon. We did the right choice, after waiting for a couple of days, we woke up early again to take profit of the day. I grabbed my 5/4 Manera Waterman   wetsuit together with my globes and booties, we had 3 degrees that morning which reminded me that session in Iceland surrounded by icebergs.















I set my alarm at 6:45 for the whole week, I still don’t  understand how I am able to wake up so early to get in the water during winter, but when it’s a matter of surfing I just do it and I feel great.

It ended up as an epic week, we scored such an epic glassy and sunny surf sessions at home. The calm after the storm was real! Although quite wavy.


It’s been one of the best winters of surfing i have seen at home so far…



David Tonijuan









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