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The tour with only winners


10 Ago The tour with only winners


The kiteboarding world championships have been in trouble. Because of external companies and organizations that wanted to make money from kiteboarding, the sport was suffering an instability period so it was dying.

PKRA was sold to a spanish businessman having Virgin involved. The tour was going on a good direction until IKA (International Kiteboarding Association), the entity that delivers the world champion titles, appeared.

The contract between VKWC and IKA ended up in the middle of the season and both parties couldn’t agree to renewal the contract. From that point, IKA decided to manage the tour and crowning a world champion counting the results from the day they took the tour.

The riders were completely affected so in 2015 there were two different tours with different world champions. We, the riders, weren’t getting payed for our events and results so there was a big fight between the previous entities.

There was a huge mess going on in the kiteboarding world at the end of the season and  riders were frustrated.

Earlier this year, IKA was the force who started the tour with lots of promises and riders decided to trust them because that was the only thing we had.

After the first two events, KRU was created. Kiteboarding Riders United is a union composed by the professional kiteboarders and it has involved more than 80 riders that decided to be part of this union. We figured out that the organizations are nothing without the riders and if we decide to stick together we would have hundred times more power to take the sport where we want to and not getting influenced by the superior entities.

Therefore, the union agreed that we didn’t want to have our future into someone else’s hands and even less someone who took part of the previous problems. After that, we left IKA and we created a new tour;  It has been named The World Kiteboarding League, “The tour with only winners” . We started the tour by the riders for the riders because we knew better than anyone how the sport is and how we want to push it to take it to the next level.

In my opinion, I must say it has been the best decision we have ever taken and I am proud to be part of that. To make the tour big,  we needed to go backwards and start up creating a good base, and from that point we had to start building it step by step. All of that wouldn’t have been possible if Danny Galiart would ever showed up. Danny, a rider’s father, knew what the tour suffered in the past and offered his hand to help us out with the new project. We accepted because at that point we needed people to work on a tour for the love of this sport and not to make business from us. I just want to say thank you to everyone how has taken a little place in a whole development of the tour.

This is THE TOUR WITH ONLY WINNERS and be ready for what is coming.


Thank you,

David Tonijuan


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