David Tonijuan | Professional Kiteboarder | WKL EGYPT 2016
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05 Abr WKL EGYPT 2016

The first stop of the world kite league was approaching and i was not ready at all, it was going to happen in El Gouna, Egypt so i was sort of feeling good as that spot would be way easier than the conditions of South Africa.
I came back home, i stayed for two weeks with my family and i headed straight to the red sea.

I went few days earlier to train before the competition started, I thought I would be kiting on big kites but i had my first two sessions riding on my Bandit 8 meters. That place was beautiful, El Gouna, a big town created in the middle of the desert. I already had been in the red sea on 2014 and I had good memories from there, it was my second stop of my life and first time ending up in top 9. The crystal clear waters made me feel in love with that place, there is a coloured paradise under the sea…

The competition started, many riders showed up there. It had been a while without seeing each other after last year’s conflicts. We missed all , we missed our family and we were there together again to compete for the same goal.
The wind didn’t helped at the event, so we decided to finish the freestyle the first three days. It was unbelievable how fast we managed to finish it, building two boxes for trials was two times worth it.

First competition of the year and i got a 5th place, I am not really happy with the result but i have to say is not bad at all.

Starting the year located top 5 is something that motivates me quite a lot to keep pushing harder for the next stops.


Looking forward to Leucate for the second stop of the year.



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