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A year of changes


07 Feb A year of changes

Starting the year with Changes… I just recently emerged into a new journey.
After many years struggling to get a sponsor and being able to get in the top of the sport competing at the different stops, i joined the F­one and Manera team.
I took that important decision being at one of the closest point to Antarctica. I was in Cape Town, South Africa at the beginning of the season, so I did not have an easy way to get the equipment.

For those who don’t know about this place, the wind there is very strong, and it can get challenging sometimes: Big waves, strong current and some gusts hitting from the side shore, can make very difficult your Freestyle sessions there sometimes.

However i decided to start there, struggling at the beginning as I changed from a C kite to a bridle kite, which is powered but doesn’t mean worse (otherwise look at Youri Zoon or Carlos Mario riding the RPM) .
I do have to be honest and say the change took me longer to get used to the equipment than what I expected. Usually when i was doing changes along my career, all was about changing kites from the same brand, trying one board, some modify on the bar for example… but Changing everything, all the equipment was weird for the first months.


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